Cool Idea: Time-Lapse Wedding Video

Product Information

With a single stationary camera, A-Crew Media was able to create one of the most impressive wedding videos we've seen in a while! Since the couple, Mary Dvorsky and Steve Silver, hosted their ceremony and reception in one place, the camera was able to capture every moment of the big day, from the pre-ceremony mingling to the post-reception wrap-up. Then, the videography team sped up the footage at a rapid pace, resulting in a three and a half minute video that truly captures the essence of the wedding day. 

Mary Dvorsky and Steve Silver Wedding from Aaron Kroger on Vimeo.

This idea is such a great addition to a traditional wedding video — even though I love the video from my own wedding, it's quite a commitment to actually sit down and watch the hour-long production. How great would it be to re-watch the entire day (not just the highlights reel) in less than four minutes?

Tell us: What do you think?

—Kristen Klein

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