Planning a wedding shower

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Planning the wedding shower is the second exciting thing before the wedding as such, we’re talking about a party that is both fun and practical at the same time where the married couple receives presents that will serve them well in theirnew home. The planning of a wedding shower actually represents the bridal party and a huge opportunity for the bride’s close friends and familyto relax and share some great moments together. Planning a wedding shower is not as stressful as the wedding as such, the bride is the queen of the day, so every detail is centered around that.

Planning the wedding shower is the entire responsibility of the maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids, so there are a few guidelines you’d like to follow when you throw such a party. The normal date to organize is within two months before the wedding, and the biggest element to consider when planning a wedding shower is who you are going to invite. You can either make it ‘girls only’ or a couple event that is more commonly known as ‘Jack and Jill’ shower. Try to have all the details covered up when planning a wedding shower, the ice breaker games included.

In many cases planning the wedding shower means throwing a beach barbecue party with volleyball, Frisbee, music and dancing, that brings a relaxed atmosphere of fun and great joy. The bride may be included in theplanning of the wedding shower, particularly since you have to make sure not to bring people that are not invited to the wedding too. Sometimes you may go for the planning of the wedding shower with a theme in mind. For the ‘girls only’ kind of party, it may focus on kitchen items or lingerie. Planning a wedding shower is great fun, so don’t miss it!

When planning the wedding shower don’t forget to include some small giftsfor the guests, a box of chocolate candies would be really appropriate for the occasion for instance. Another tip for the planning of the wedding shower is the attention you pay to decorations, remember that we’re talking about quite inexpensive, yet totally effective items that fill the main function of creating a great atmosphere. Decorations are a must particularly if you’re thinking about a theme wedding, since there’s no better way to break the ice and make everybody open up. Have fun!

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