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If you’re planning a wedding one of the many things that you’re going to have put on your task list is wedding invitations. Having the right kind of wedding invitation is important to your wedding since it’s your first contact with your guests and provides them with some vital information that they need to know prior to the day of your wedding.

It doesn’t matter what type of a wedding you’re having, such as a church wedding, a garden wedding, or a second wedding, you’ll want your invitations to be as elegant and flowing as possible. There is also a certain type of etiquette that you should follow to make your invitations as professional as possible. Your wedding invitation should include the date of the wedding, the location, and the time.

You’re only going to be sending a wedding invitation to those people who are going to be guests at your wedding. This includes family and close friends, business associates, and not so close acquaintances. Before you start designing your wedding invitations make sure that you have an exact count of how many guests will be attending your wedding. Having an exact guest count will make sure that you order enough invitations, or make enough if you happen to be making them yourself.

You’ll have to make sure that you have enough room for all your guests so be sure to find out how many people will fit into the reception hall, or other area, that you’ve booked your celebration.

The wedding invitations should be mailed from the bride, including those invitations that are going to friends of the groom. You should have your invitations ready to be mailed out at least six weeks before the date of yourwedding. If you are sending the invitation to guests who will be arriving from out of town you should give them at least eight to ten weeks notice so that they can make their travel arrangements.

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