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Stuck trying to find the perfect honeymoon destination?

Yeah, you are not the only one. Many people struggle with this because by the time you start planning your honeymoon you are wore out from all the wedding planning that is going on.

Well, you have found a guide that will help ease this stress and help you find the perfect destination.

Im not talking just any destination. The place you will choose is the best choice because your decisions are based on what YOOUUU want most of your vacation.

It is a fatal mistake when you take friends and family advice for YOUR honeymoon. What someone else did was good for THEM, it doesn’t mean you will have the same experience if you take the same type trip.

You have to look at your own situation a make the best choices from that.

The way to get this perfect destination and honeymoon is by having…

A Foundation

All plans start with its foundation.

Before you can start planning a successful vacation, you need something to help you make the best decisions possible. You need a guide. A builder can’t build a house without blueprints, and you can’t build your perfect honeymoon without them either.

You have to know what you need and want out of your honeymoon in order to choose the perfect destination.


If you and your spouse just have an “idea” of what you want and not anything solid, it’s going to be tough to plan the best possible trip.

You may have a great time, but you might not have the best possible vacation unless you can see what you need and want on paper.

One BIG Mistake Couples Make Is letting one person do all the planning.

This does not make for the best honeymoon possible. Both parties have to have input and you have to include what each other want in order for this to go well.This is how you know which destination is the best, which lodging accommodations is the best, how many days to vacate, how much to spend, etc. This gets the ball rolling on that wonderful vacation you deserve and you will be on your way to planning the best honeymoon possible.

How to choose the perfect honeymoon destination?

You do it by first seeing what you truly want and need, and the destination will choose itself.

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